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Bom dia doutor.Eles não sabem perder mesmo. O Kleber agora vem chamar nós de MULAMBOS.Depois que alguém (tem muitos) perde a cabeça e faz besteira O MP vai reclamar.Isso é choro de quem não SABE PERDER.Abraços.

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Sounds like fun Kim I will be there! I don't decorate until the day after thanksgiving.Although this year I am working at the antique mall.Kind of a bummer but that is how it worked out for me this year!LOVE your fresh tree greens.I am planning on doing all real greens.I have done artificial greens that look authentic.But I am using those in my space this year.The only think fake will be our trees.xxAnne

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Tue, 31 July 2018 05:00:47 +0000
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Yep, Zustimmung!Spaß! ja klar, das alles machen wir nur zum Spaß, das ist ja der Spaß am Spaß Verstehste? Ich fnde ja Spaß haben immer besser als Spaß haben zu müssen… Oder so!

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you have to spend all your time with the kids, Dad says you can read, watch TV, or work on your computer. Mom yells at you, Dad says nothing in your defense.9. They want you to "start" meals. You end up staying until 8 or 9 at night.10. Salary is 10 dollars an hour. They pay you eight and just never mention it. 11. See my archives.

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Flipao, no se trata de ir con todo el morro. Pero entenderás que en el día a día vemos constantemente como mucha gente piensa que todos los servicios del sindicato deben estar a su disposición gratuitamente. Incluso cuando no está afiliado.Por supuesto que no conozco tu caso ni los detalles del mismo. Y, como te dice Jose, lo mismo el compañero te aconsejó muy o muy mal. Pero entenderás que, más allá de ese caso, el sindicato trabaja en muchos aspectos.Pd: “camaradas” son los comunistas, yo prefiero compañero

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Nice post here. As someone who is fortunate to have SKY TV. I personally really enjoy having acess to BBC and CNN services and also I really like SoHo TV, but of the rest on SKY is rubbish. I look forward to tuning into Face TV and hopefully your show will become a regular viewing.

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  EspenHobbyløper: Vanskelig Ã¥ si, kan være store fartsforskjeller pÃ¥ mølla som Sølvpilen sier.. Men en ting er sikkert, jeg løper ivertfall MYE treigere pÃ¥ mølle enn ute. Men mange andre mener de løper bedre pÃ¥ mølle enn ute. Hva med Ã¥ kjøre et testløp pÃ¥ bane? Uansett – skikkelig kongetid! Nesten 60 sek bedre enn mÃ¥let er MYEOle: hahaha.. Jævelig bra..Adelheid: Ser ut til Ã¥ bli knallvær i dag ogsÃ¥!

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Miracles happen all around us. I believe in a miracle for Ronan. You will always be together no matter what. I also swore I would burn a church down. No words can comfort you at this time. Try not to despair. You have so much love.

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last anon - I link to every full article I quote. To past full articles would make for a terribly boring and long blog. Go to Ben's blog for that.I post highlights. Readers with time can read the full article, and then in the comments post any part they find interesting.And in comments, never post a full article - only highlights, with links to the articlecheers

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Geese do not have a gag reflex. Force-feeding does not feel to them the way it would to people. The rage against foie gras is ridiculous on so many levels.These ads, though? They’re hilarious. Ineffective, but funny.

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