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Thu, 18 May 2017 23:05:25 +0000
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Love the commercial.The fact that the cab occupants are singing off que caught my eye to the commercial. Then the panning to the cab…and the song…and then the cab driver sings in tune….”i.e. he is not drunk”……Then the “Let a Stranger Drive”…Brilliant.

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I prefer them just a little soft in the middle. Crunch through the outside to a softer inside. I don’t always achieve that; sometimes they end up crisp all the way through. I find that a slightly wetter mix helps, and undercooking just a little helps. They usually puff up into a rounded shape in the oven; if I take them out just as or just after they shift back down to a flat top, they seem to end up about right (to my taste, that is).

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