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Sun, 29 October 2017 08:00:38 +0000
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Drogi Panie Urban,Nie lubie Pana.Pisze Pan lepiej ode mnie,Panskie analizy sa celniejsze,diagnozy czesciej trafne niz moje,wiec jak Pana lubic ?

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Sun, 29 October 2017 08:00:27 +0000
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Drogi Panie Urban,Nie lubie Pana.Pisze Pan lepiej ode mnie,Panskie analizy sa celniejsze,diagnozy czesciej trafne niz moje,wiec jak Pana lubic ?

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Sat, 28 October 2017 20:10:30 +0000
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Please note that all future threats of violence will be binned.FTR:Ben Weerhym’s leftywatch is dead and buried;Nic Miller’s redwatchnz is now no longer nic miller’s, as miller is presently facing possible charges;redwatch poland is down;redwatch uk is still up, but for how much longer is unknown…redwatch is useful for tracking down fascists.nothing don’t believe everything you read.

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Fri, 27 October 2017 19:13:38 +0000
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  VegarHehe ja, persen er 1:33:07, satt i 2008. Hytteplan er det løpet jeg gleder meg mest til i Ã¥r. Alt annet enn solid pers er nedtur der i Ã¥r!

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Fri, 27 October 2017 16:41:57 +0000
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Nokia makes a great product and all people do is bash the marketing material. Marketing images have no bearing on whether or not this technology works better than other smartphones. After having used the 808 pureview, I have no doubt that the 920 will be significantly better than other smartphones on the market, just like the 808. I will be tossing my Android in the trash and replacing it with the 920.

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Fri, 27 October 2017 03:49:28 +0000
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Heh amusing… while I find overt displays of that sort of evangelicanism very uncomfortable (I don’t know whether to laugh or what!) they made me chuckle a bit.Meanwhile, I hate audiences. Where better to see group mentality than in a room full of airhead hollywood types. “INSERT RAGING INSULT!”“YOU’RE ALL GOING TO HELL!”“A GUY WALKS INTO A BAR!”Honestly… *throws hands up*

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Thu, 26 October 2017 22:41:46 +0000
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Lol! Bless the Americans they can be really funny sometimes:P Just with silly comments.. although i’m the same… i was walking along the beach with a mate and some lady was building a sculpture and i goes “Where’d she get all that sand”I’m just as stupid! Lmao. Glad you thwarted annoying swimmer;) Cya!- Leah xXx

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Thu, 26 October 2017 04:27:53 +0000
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I have GOT to finish my twins' baby quilts this year…as they just turned TWO and won't be able to use them if I don't get to stitching! Gah! Btw, happiest of birthdays! Thanks for the chance.susanwatsonpeck at yahoo dot com[]

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Wed, 25 October 2017 16:43:48 +0000
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Hi Kristian! Darlene was my favorite. I am blessed to attend church with some really wonderful Titus 2 women and I have learned SO much from them. I was just marveling at the kind of woman God is molding me to be–the kind of woman I drew near to as a girl. All I could do was say “Look at you God.”

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Wed, 25 October 2017 09:16:16 +0000
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Mary V - OhMyGod!!! I am sooo sorry your family has to go through this!!! I never knew getting skunked would be like that. I hope you are smell-free very soon. Sending lovely clean fresh smells your way!!! How is your dog by the way??September 1, 2008 – 7:22 pm

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