Onderaan deze pagina heeft ook u de kans om uw ervaringen met Sweet & Luxurious Events  te delen.

Wij horen graag van u.

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Fri, 19 January 2018 13:43:02 +0000
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Mandy, thanks for hosting another great party. Today I bring Easy Cocoa Syrup. It is a nice thing to have on hand for making cocoa or chocolate milk. So many great recipes to go check out today. How can I not go to a recipe called "Pigs in Mud"? Have a wonderful week.

Fri, 19 January 2018 12:22:47 +0000
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Thanks Elieen for the clarification. For a Spanish speaker like myself it’s hard even to distinguish between the accent of an American vs. a Briton’s :)So he’s Irish. This fits well in my guess that (like me) he was abused in a religious milieu. I wrote a whole autobiographical book on this subject and you cannot imagine how this sort of abuse (eternal damnation dogma, etc) can mess up with your mind. It is a miracle that I don’t suffer from any psychiatric disorder. However, such horrible past experiences have proven to be pivotal now, when trying to comprehend people like Condell.

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Fri, 19 January 2018 11:33:46 +0000
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Sorry, Field, but what I remember about Tricky Dick is that he used that "Southern Strategy" to take out Humphrey in the '68 election, and riling those Dixiecrats the way he did is the same shyt Ronnie Raygun pulled twelve years later, with that "States' Rights" nonsense.I consider what he did for Blacks was his inept way of Reparations; nothing more and nothing less.

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Fri, 19 January 2018 10:51:14 +0000
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I look forward to reading your post on polyps. This is an interesting insight into infertility surgery. Its always a tough call to make in a situation where the woman has a small fibroid as it could be harmless in terms of conception..but who can be sure? Thanks for sharing.

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Fri, 19 January 2018 09:54:35 +0000
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Diane – she certainly brightened up the carpet! First she starts off the year in short, edgy dresses and now she’s given us two femmenine frocks in a row. What will she do next? Loved the colour of Ginnifer’s dress and the reinvigoration of Vionnet! Also, did you manage to get a look at Maggie Gyllenhaal’s RM by Roland Mouret and Rose Byrne’s Lanvin – I thought they both looked great.

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Fri, 19 January 2018 09:03:46 +0000
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I totally agree with you about watching the grammar. There is nothing more distracting than poor grammar in an article. Plus, it really makes you wonder if the person knows what they are talking about.Samuel recently posted..

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Fri, 19 January 2018 08:41:08 +0000
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The run of the tile pattern was a happy accident Corey... we hadn't really thought about which direction to put the tile, but I think this pattern helps widen the look of our narrow kitchen - plus, we avoid having a potentially unstraight seam running from the front of the kitchen to the back ;)

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Fri, 19 January 2018 05:29:36 +0000
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yannow … I always saw the pattern magic as being pretty much the same as The Matrix. Neo sees the pattern behind the Matrix and manipulates it to his own end. Sarmin does something similar with fantasy window dressing rather than sci-fi, and more subtle effects than improved kung fu.

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Fri, 19 January 2018 01:55:26 +0000
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stimulus package, then bringing in government and other employers who benefited from the funding. Photos: Congressman Eric Cantor Hosts Job Fair, More Than 3,000 Attend : Downtown Short Pump Thousands attend job fair in Henrico | Richmond Times-Dispatch Cantor Says Federal Spending

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Fri, 19 January 2018 01:26:33 +0000
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...Maria,I am still here. I urge you to go back to the conversation and read what I said. But as you have proven time and time again, you are quite simple.9:58 AMno thanks, i have a life. and remember those comments coming from an anon--are you now admitting that's who you are?and so what is your take on this guy? or are you just going to ignore what FN's post and my question were about?also KAREN--that quote isn't from mel. it was from me, and i guess you just ignored everything i said.

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