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Wij horen graag van u.

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Wed, 7 March 2018 21:49:37 +0000
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1st pic – “You this rug really doesn’t match my Christmas decor at all, (and ever since potty training jr, it’s had a funny smell.)” “Is THAT where the smell is coming from?”

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Wed, 7 March 2018 14:48:03 +0000
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Hi Laurence,Available in all Digital Walker stores. Pretty good, the unit comes with different silicon adapters – S, M, L. Much better sounding than the iPod earphones, and much better fitting. Good value — was surprised that it was inexpensive.

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Wed, 7 March 2018 13:55:34 +0000
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Hi Stan,Yes fordyce spots can form in clusters but they aren’t really like the same kinds of clusters as genital warts can form. The genital warts clusters often appear grouped together tightly and touching each other, whereas fordyce spot clusters are close together but not necessarily touching (kindof in little rows like how your hair follicles are aligned.)

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By August 24, 2010 - 6:59 amOh, yeah, that’s for real. They deep fry everything. The pepsi is just pepsi poured in batter and fried. The next booth over offered their newest concoction – deep fried BUTTER. And another nearby booth – donut burgers from Krispy Kreme, which is exactly what it sounds like; a burger with two donuts as buns.

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Tue, 6 March 2018 18:38:18 +0000
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Bev this is a stunner just love the image and colouring is fab cannot wait till I get one they are so different just love all on your card and yes the socks are great Doris

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Sun, 4 March 2018 14:23:55 +0000
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clairon : Quel était ce comique qu’écoutait mon papa (y’a longtemps), qui parlait du mariage de sa soeur en grandes pompes, un Marie-Claire devant et un France-Soir derrière ? Je trouvais ça nul mais papa rigolait.Comment ça, ya longtemps ? Pour moi, c’était hier.Fernand Raynaud.

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Sun, 4 March 2018 10:21:04 +0000
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Oj, det var snabbt! Jag tackar och läser och begrundar och lär mig lite till. Ibland skulle det vara smidigt att bo i stan.

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Sat, 3 March 2018 21:04:41 +0000
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Märtagreta… Du e´väl för gooo!! Gubben och jag har väl en rätt retsam och skämtsam konversation i vanliga fall.. Och jag gläder mig Ã¥t att han fick denna fina chans.. Och han vore väl dum om han inte tog den.. Kramis

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Sat, 3 March 2018 14:50:32 +0000
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Thank you! Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday. :) Your French Canadian heritage is as good an excuse as any to ingest pumpkin pie, am I right? :) And it’s so true – I never feel as rested as I do at home. Having family around makes everything nicer.

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In the vast majority of “emergencies,” you would be better off, instead of having a year’s supply of food, to only have a few days’ supply of food, plus the equivalent money you saved on food storage in a bank savings account. I doubt if there has been a single case in the United States in the last 50 years where the year’s supply of food would have been more helpful than the week’s-supply-plus-cash.

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