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Wij horen graag van u.

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Pour Tof, Je vous le confirme votre texte n’est pas irréprochable par contre votre réflexion est excellent.Est ce que l’on doit obligatoirement exclure votre positionnement et votre réponse parce que la forme pose question alors que le fond est là. Pour moi non!

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this is funny. It’s like asking a Scientologist about the Mormons! He tell you that LRH is 100% true and the Source, as any intelligent person could see, but how could the Mormon’s believe this stuff they believe in?I went to one of your bootcamps. I watched. It’s bollocks. And this whole “I’m voted the #1 PUA” is a total scam, as you well know. It assumes and implies the votes come from satisfied customers when in fact, they don’t. I think you don’t really care if you help guys are not, and your boss, LaRuina, is a total con.RJ

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Amen sister! There is no reason why this AMAZING community shouldn’t be making money and no reason why community members shouldn’t be proud of doing so. This article is so well written, as usual, keep the insights coming, we appreciate them so much.

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Estimado Chango,soy Emanuel, quien se acercó al camarín del Teatro Coliseo en tu última presentación en La Plata. Quedé en escribirte a esta página para poder enviarte dos o tres poemas que quería, simplemente, compartir. Sencillamente, si tenés una dirección de correo electrónico a la que te los pueda enviar, genial. Va un abrazo,y mil gracias por el tiempo.E.

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PM Hello everyone! Happy Friday the 13th!  Today I am the guest blogger on . The article is on how Social Media can help the Scrapbook Business(or any small business). Enjoy [...]

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8 nowoÅ›ci, no no, co to siÄ™ porobiÅ‚o!CieszÄ™ siÄ™ z Kent na podium – ciekawe, czy zdoÅ‚ajÄ… jeszcze siÄ™ wyżej wdrapać. U mnie caÅ‚y czas prowadzÄ…, już szósty tydzieÅ„ z rzÄ™du.Muse tak cieniutko – pewnie wypadnÄ… niedÅ‚ugo? Wielkiej kariery raczej nie bÄ™dzie.Pozdrowienia

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Thanks for commenting Colleen )Scott just called and he likes the chandelier too (Party Horn)…Thanks for all the great ideas for decorating too, I’ll be looking for a glass display case, and I will look at Ikea too! Big Hugs to you!

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Den sorte lammepels til mig tak! :-) Jeg havde den grå fra Zara, men det var i en dårlig kvalitet. Så den røg retur efter blot 4 måneder.Den ser fin ud og elsker at ærmerne er korte. Så kan man lige have en trøje som titter ud eller et par lange læderhandsker på./Chau

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I guess Europe can be happy about having the French: their individualism and refusal of blindly following authority is a good protection against the hysterical Angst waves that with clockwork regularity roll over German souls. But one should never forget the selfpropelling impetus or positive feedback of these scares by those who make a great profit from them: the scientists (or pseudo-scientists) and “öko-research” institutions who ring grant and research money from the taxpayer and who well know that Angst is the best lever to keep this money flowing.

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:guns: ke tranzas la banda yega el tri a cancun a festejar sus 40 años de trayactoria ininterrumpida hay ke estar ahi como todo rockero bueno hay para los ke vivan aka en cancun es el 4 de octubre en el beto avila bye saludos para toda la raza

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