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Sun, 3 December 2017 02:59:39 +0000
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"He apologized and he perspired." That's part of the ritual, isn't it? What always bugged me when a public figure made a non-PC gaffe is their subsequent groveling. This even includes proud men like Don Imus, Larry Summers, or Trent Lott. And in both these cases and others, their remarks were, on the face, too innocuous to warrant the wrath of Universalists, and the groveling encouraged rather than placated them.

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Sat, 2 December 2017 22:10:28 +0000
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This was not an innovative debate at all; Kucinich and Gravel were forced to the margins and prevented from talking just like the mainstream ones (but not the superior pbs debate.) The time limits, in addition, were pathetic; let them go on as long as they want to, they will be in office for four whole years! Otherwise, how disgusting those pathetic, religous, homophobic hypocrites are! And hillary clinton called herself a progressive! Someone throw a dictionary at her...

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Sat, 2 December 2017 18:59:59 +0000
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Tajuk filem pn tah apa2…xmampu menarik minat penonton…review dlm newspaper pn xblh percaya sgt…puji bkn main tp bila pergi tgk hampeh…buat sakit hati je

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Sat, 2 December 2017 18:10:40 +0000
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Sarah,I still remember reading this book when I was little, and I’m old enough to be a grandmother! It illustrates so clearly that we are not the only one in the world, and to be conscience of our actions. I sometimes would like to share this book with some adults I work with now! Thank you for telling folks about it.

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Sat, 2 December 2017 14:42:07 +0000
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How will humanity survive this century if Muslims have access to chemical/biological/nuclear/nano technology weapons? The answer is simple: it may survive but certainly a great catastrophe of immense suffering is coming that will put the twentieth century to shame.

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Sat, 2 December 2017 05:53:34 +0000
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just read a few tweets on barfi.amused over mihir and some they are even defending barfi’s copying saying its like making RD!.They wrote glowing reviews not knowing how much of it was if they change their opinion,more than anything it would look so a critic,they have all failed bigtime.basu duped them wellaside,10,000 views already crossed

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Fri, 1 December 2017 10:23:28 +0000
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Jeg kan da lige remse de steder op hvor vi selv kommer V58, Under Masken, Ris Ras, Loco Bar, Shen Mao, Sway, Herr Bartells,Salon Salon, Café Paradis, Bodegaen, Café Pind.. Alle undtagen V58 er relativt smÃ¥, hyggelige steder hvor man ikke bliver ruineret pÃ¥ en bytur Ellers er der ogsÃ¥ bodegaerne Anton’s og Hjorten, hvis man er til den slags!

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Fri, 1 December 2017 08:38:39 +0000
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Alors je n’ose même pas imaginer devant Chuk Norris.« Chuck Norris peut parler de politique à table et mettre tout le monde d’accord »

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Thu, 30 November 2017 19:50:37 +0000
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Lâchez pas les filles bravo! pour votre temeriter mais Esthel j’ai hâte que tu arrives mes cheveux sont blanc hi hi ! Ben non profiter de cette belle aventure. À+

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Thu, 30 November 2017 14:18:47 +0000
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1) Allright, I was obviously working with old information, it’s time to do a major correction. But definitely not in my exams time… ad 2) Once again, this article has a word “basics” in its title, any kind of a research you suggested is not a basic 3) Come on, at first you accuse me of no research and then you just throw a statement in without any evidence supporting it? I accept your criticism, but don’t commit the same mistakes I apparently have…

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